Hudson Valley Artist Wins Spot
In Dallas, Texas, Museum Exhibit
A recent work by Swiss-born New York and Hudson Valley artist Astrid Fitzgerald has been chosen, through an international juried competition, to be included in an upcoming exhibition at the MADI Art Museum in Dallas, Texas.
Fitzgerald’s “Construction 400” will be on display through October 6th at the Museum of Geometric & MADI Art, as part of its 2nd biennial “Origins in Geometry” exhibition. The museum highlights innovative designs based on a range of geometric forms, using nearly every medium. Its collection emerged from a movement beginning in war-torn Europe of the 1940s, with the originally Spanish MADI acronym standing for Movement, Abstraction, Dimension and Invention.
Astrid Fitzgerald divides her time between New York City and her Ulster County studio in Kerhonkson, NY. She produces works of geometric abstraction mainly exploring the Golden Mean ratio. In mathematics, that’s the relationship between the number one, and an infinitely long fraction (1.618034...). The ratio appears in nature and architecture and has been studied extensively for centuries. In art, it evolves into shapes and relationships that are unusually pleasing to the eye, for reasons that have never been fully understood.
Artist Fitzgerald’s work is represented in numerous corporate, public and private collections in the U.S., Europe and Asia, and is regularly displayed in museum and gallery exhibitions. Her “Construction 400” is nearly three feet high, a creation of casein applied to wood panels. The different sections seem to shift their relative positions in the blink of an eye, giving the artwork an unusual three-dimensional quality.
An opening reception for the Texas art show is set for Friday, July 19th. More details are available at the museum’s web site, Fitzgerald’s work can be explored in depth at her own web site, In addition, she recently established the on-line Museum of the Golden Ratio,