Contact: Robert Garrett or Ursula Waldmeyer 
or Astrid Fitzgerald 
Time For Your Winter Break --
New Novel Seeks Basic Truths 
Through Love & Mysticism 
NEW YORK ---It’s a tale of first love…mystical encounters…surprising adventures 
and challenges…and eternal truths, all set against a backdrop of the glorious 
Swiss Alps. 
	Astrid Fitzgerald’s just-published new novel, Winter Break: A Luminous 
Journey into Wisdom and Love, sets the heart afire; at the same time, it soothes 
those souls corrupted by today’s high-test, fast-paced society. Some see in this 
book a young woman’s coming-of-age. Others find a road to deeply satisfying 
	Winter Break is Ms. Fitzgerald’s third published work. In An Artist’s Book of 
Inspiration (1996), she explored the creative process, organized around the 
themes central to creativity: from the sources of inspiration to the daily life in the 
studio. Entries include reflections from artists and thinkers to the observations of 
scientists and mystics. In Being Consciousness Bliss: A Seeker’s Guide (2002), 
she drew a road map for those choosing to travel a spiritual path throughout 
their lives. 
	Her earlier works provided deep reservoirs of philosophy and belief that 
make Winter Break such a ground-breaking novel. While the newest work is 
replete with romance and adventure, the main characters also immerse themselves 
in the countless deep questions that surround all human existence. 
	Astrid Fitzgerald was born and educated in Switzerland, the very setting for 
her new novel. It is a country and culture she knows intimately, and uses to 
great advantage in Winter Break. The book is replete with scenes of skiing over 
the snowy slopes, and the Alpine region’s villages and lifestyle provide a rich tapestry 
against which all the action takes place. 
	In addition to her respected work as a writer, Ms. Fitzgerald is also an 
artist of significant acclaim. Dividing her time between her New York City residence 
and Hudson River Valley studio, she creates singularly stunning pieces 
that have been featured around the world in twenty-three solo shows and numerous 
juried group exhibitions. Her work is represented in many public, private 
and corporate collections. Astrid Fitzgerald is married to writer/philosopher 
Richard Geldard, author of critically praised books on Emersonian and early 
Greek thought.